Health&Beauty's new record NO SCARE is officially out on Wichita Recordings!

You can pick up the new record on iTunes or order it directly from Wichita!
We are planning a tour in October across Europe. Details and locations soon.

We just got back from a 2 week stateside tour of the midwest and east coast. along the path i made a little video of our trip:


I have been spending a lot of time between Chicago and Amsterdam recently. Because of my visits to Amsterdam, my artistic focus has been swiftly developing, unwinding/rewinding and transforming. The density of artistic inspiration in Amsterdam-- from jazz, folk musics from around the globe, visual, movement, theater and sound art, has had me in a tailspin. As an improviser, I feel I have been awakened to the concept of improvisation as a tool for musical practice, not simply a means to an end. I would like to incorporate my new-found fascination with space and image into my performance... somehow.... In the coming year, I plan on instigating some new projects that will demonstrate this new philosophy. I hope you will stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I have several exciting happening now and in the coming weeks.

First off, Corbett Vs. Dempsey has released a record of Thurston Moore and myself this month! It's a recording from The Neon Marshmallow Festival in Chicago from a few years back. It's called Marshmallow Decorum, and it is available now! Click here for more details!

I will be performing in a few new groups over the next few weeks in The Netherlands. On May 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th I'm playing in Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti's new Performance/Concert called Obol Le. We have been working very hard with this group to integrate inspiration from the Bolivian Tarabuco people's ceremony called Phujllay (game). The ceremony lasts 4 months, and it incorporates receiving musical information in specific locations in nature from the mythical 'sirenes', whereby the Tarabuco listen and learn the sounds from theses settings, then play them 4 months straight as a means to stay in balance and in communication with nature and the underworld. These sounds are also translated into scores in the weavings of the Tarabuco people which are worn in the rituals that correspond to the Phujllay ceremony. The performers include Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, Brian J. Sulpizio, Ben Boye, Jochem van Tol, Janicka Ravenhirst, Matteo Bifulco, Michael Oliver and Meduse MagiQ.
May 5, 6 and 7 at Veem House for Performance
May 8 at Dokhuis Galerie
Click here for more information!


I will also be performing with a new group I'm involved in called OKAPI, which is an orchestra with ridiculously talented members from diverse backgrounds-- improvisers, theater makers, composers, lighting designers, circuit builders-- all of whom are musicians as well. We are investigating the idea of what an orchestra can be and it's role (as well as the audience's role) in performance. We are hoping to shatter expectations of what a performance can be, making way for a new conception of the classic concert setting. The orchestra includes Genevieve Murphy, Jochem van Tol, Jasper Stadhouders, Ton van der Meer, John van Oostrum, Paul Koek, Oscarjan hoogland, Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti.
We perform April 28th (alongside Joshua Abram's Natural Information Society, with which I am also involved!), as well as at the Doek ABC Festival in Amsterdam in early May!|

April 28 - Natural Information Society/Okapi at Korzo Theatre
May 4 - Natural Information Society/Okapi/PolyBand at Broedplaats Fenix

The rock band I play in, Health&Beauty, will be going on a short tour in Europe from May 9-15th!
May 9 - Berlin, Lido
May 10- Copenhagen, Jazzhouse
May 11 - Gothenburg, Pustervik
May 12 - Lund, Mejeriet
May 13 - Aarhus, Radar
May 14 - Hamburg, Molotow
May 15 - Tilburg, NL Incubate Festival

On the 16th I go on tour with Dave Rempis' Percussion Quartet for a 2 week tour in Europe!
5/16 Antwerp, Belgium @ Sound In Motion
5/17 Cologne, Germany @Stadtgarten
5/19 Cerkno, Slovenia @ Jazz Cerkno Festival
5/20 Geneva, Switzerland @ AMR
5/21 Schorndorf, Germany @ Clun Manufactur
5/22 Weikersheim, Germany @ Club W71
5/24 Vienna, Austria @ Martinschlossl
5/25 Graz, Austria @ Stockwerk Jazz
5/26 Wels, Austria @ Schlactof


I'm Super excited to announce my summer SOLO TOUR in the U.S. and Canada starting AUGUST 25 in support of my new solo CD MALO on UTECH RECORDS!
Tues Aug 25 Ann Arbor, MI @ Kerrytown Concert House 8pm
FR solo + Michalowski/Alwin Duo + Tim Haldeman/Rosaly Duo "SHITTY SONS"
FR solo + Steve Baczkowski solo + FR/SB Duo
FR solo opening for Vandermark/Nillsen-Love Duo

Chicago-based drummer Frank Rosaly’s solo effort MALO explores the process of free-improvisation with both acoustic and electronically manipulated percussion. Frank has developed a personal and often visceral approach to drumming, whereby gesture is a primary element to the creation of sound. Deliberate motion that may or may not produce sounds often leads to surprising, exiting and raw discoveries, both for the listener and for the performer. Though a large component of the music is created through improvisation, the music is constructed using many compositional concepts such as the Song Form, Minimalist techniques (ala La Monte Young, Steve Reich, Terry Riley), and 'additive' or layering process often heard in modern electronic music. Rosaly also draws inspiration from the likes of percussionists Milford Graves, Paul Lovens and Billy Higgins.
Using contact microphones, oscillators, effects pedals and analog synthesizers along side an acoustic drum set up, Rosaly navigates a wide sonic palette: Afro-Cuban, Jazz and non-idiomatic grooves using unconventional techniques, dense Free-Jazz vocabulary, heavy drones and feedback, as well as soft, subtle percussive language that evokes a varied and large range of color.


I'm beginning a new european adventure starting this week, starting with a performance in Amsterdam at Café DE RUIMTE on Monday, March 16th at 9pm. I'll be improvising alongside Ab Baars, Koen Kaptijn, Jasper Stadhouders and Aaron Lumley. The excellent Nate Wooley will be playing a solo amplified trumpet set as well! 
Next, I'll be headed to Norway to play with The Young Mothers, which includes Jason Jackson, Jawwaad Taylor, Johnathan Horne, Stefan Gonzalez, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten and myself.

3/19 Arendal
3/20 Oslo
3/21 Oppdal
3/22 Oppdal
3/24 Hemnes
3/25 Bodø
3/26 Trondeheim
3/27 Vos
3/28 ?

After I return to Chicago, I immediately begin work with Turkish Artist Deniz Gul at the Hyde Park Art Center. Katherine Young, Carol Genetti, Audrey Chen, Ryan Packard and I will be realizing Deniz' work, 5 Person Buffet for a performance on April 6th. We will also be recording the piece at ESS the day prior to the performance.

Immediately after Deniz' piece, I will be headed to Europe once again to perform a number of shows with Joshua Abrams' Natural Information Society from April 9 - 26th. Dates and Cities to be announced soon!

In other news, my band ¡Todos De Pie! is going to be performing at The Owl 3 nights in a row from May 29th-31st with a slightly smaller configuration. More on Todos 2.0 real real soon.


I am excited to go on tour in Europe with Ingebrigt Haker Flaten's Sextet starting this weekend!
The group is comprised of a band of soul brothers, including Jason Adasiewicz, Dave Rempis, Jasper Stadhouders, Ola Kvernberg and Inbegrigt and. We'll be performing a ton of new (hard!) music that Ingebrigt has been busy composing.

Nov 26 – TBA, Trondheim/Norway
Nov 27 – Storyville Jazzklubb/Plassen, Molde/Norway
Nov 28 - Sardinen USF/Bergen Jazzforum/Norway
Nov 29 – TBA/Stavanger Jazzforum/Norway
Dec 1 – Martinschssel/Vienna, Austria
Dec 2 – Cankarjev Dom/Ljubljana, Slovenija
Dec 3 – Ring Ring Festival/Beograd, Serbia
Dec 5 – Het Zuiderpershuis/Antwerp, Belgium
Dec 6 – Manufactur/Schorndorf, Germany
Come down and get weird with us!!!!

This past week I had the pleasure of playing a few concerts in Belgium and The Netherlands with Joshua Abrams' Natural Information Society. We performed at the Eastern Daze Festival in Gent, Belgium where I had the pleasure of seeing some amazing sets of music. We had the difficult position of opening up for The Master Musicians of Jajouka lead by Bachir Attar and Pelt. I was incredibly inspired by the entire event, and will be dealing with the memories of that music and experience for years to come. Then we played at the Rose Tanker in North Amsterdam as NIS, as well as a set with John Dikeman and Eric Boeren. It was amazing to hear such diverse musical personalities blending together with such mastery. NO JOKE - the room was filled with love and care from the participants and the audience. We all rode a powerful emotional wave and reached deeply into each others' space. It was incredible!


I am excited to announce the release of a new record featuring Bobby Bradford, Frode Gjerstad, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten and myself on Nessa Records - Silver Cornet.

We performed in a domestic tour earlier this year, and over the course of 6 shows and a whole lot of driving, the band developed a kinship both as musicians and as human beings. Between the connective music we were able to achieve as a group and Bobby's, Frode's and Ingebrigt's stories (driving around New York City in Coltrane's new Towncar, Ornette's loft, Johnny Dyani, Derek Bailey and Kent Carter etc.), I believe I was transported to a new level of understanding of creative music though the experiences of true masters. This record reflects our last outing together.


The next 6 weeks are going to be a super whirlwind!

Starting this week, I'll be on tour with the psyched out 'organ trio' Hearts & Minds with Jason Stein (bcl) and Paul Giallorenzo (synths):

Wednesday, August 20th @ The Hideout, Chicago IL
Thursday, August 21st @ Black Sparrow. Lafayette IN
Friday, August 22nd @ Merriman's Playhouse. South Bend IN
Saturday, August 23rd @ The Comet. Cincinnati OH
Sunday, August 24th @ Kerrytown Concert House. Ann Arbor MI
Monday, August 25th @ Toledo Bellows House Concert. Toledo OH

Wed. 8/27 with Jarod Bufe Trio at Fitzgeralds
Fri. 8/29 @ The Chicago Jazz Festival with Joshua Abrams Quartet at 1:10pm
On Sunday, 8/31 Keefe Jackson organized a recording with visiting reedist Peter Schmid at Strobe Recording Studio in Chicago!
That same evening, The Rempis Percussion Quartet will be playing the Hungry Brain at 10pm!

Then begins the ROCK -

9/2 @ The Empty Bottle in Chicago with Ryley Walker
9/3 @ Constellation in Chicago with The Tim Stine Trio
9/4 @ Mahall's in Cleveland, OH with Ryley Walker
9/5 @ Fall Line Festival in Richmond, VA with Ryley Walker
9/6 @ The Hopscotch Festival with Ryley Walker

On 9/12, It'll be time to celebrate the release of Steve Dawson's Funeral Bonsai Wedding's new release at Constellation!

Then I'm off to the Europes for some Ryley Walker Action:
9/14 @ Astra Stube in  Hamburg, DE
9/15 @ Die Wohngemeinschaft in Koln, DE
9/16 @ Incubate Festival in Tiburg, NL
9/17 @ Het Bos in Antwerp, BE
9/18 @ The Bimhaus in Amsterdam, NL
9/19 @ Windmill Brixton in Utrecht, NL

And then I hook up with Joshua Abrams' Natural Information Society opening for DJ SHADOW AND CUT CHEMIST'S tour, Renegades of Rhythm Tour featuring Afrika Bambaataa's Catalogue!!!!

9/22 Louisville, KY @ Murcury Ballroom
9/23 Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
9/24 Minneapolis, MN @ Skyway Theater

And lastly, on Saturday, 9/27 I get to play twice at the Hyde Park Jazz Festival:
Josh Berman Trio 
Nicole Mitchell's Ice Crystal Quartet

Holy shit, I'm one lucky so-and-so.


I will be performing at Asado Coffee at 1651 W Chicago Ave TONIGHT starting at 6:30. Bassist Jason Robke is hosting the evening, and will be asking me a few questions after the performance.
Jason Roebke at Asado Coffee Chicago Ave. Roastery has created a special Soprocopiv roast that will be available along with a limited edition handmade CD! $20 bucks for the pair, available at Asado (tonight only!) for my performance.


In association with my recent solo tour to Michigan, Ohio and Illinois, I released a short run of hand made CDs on my little inprint, Molk Records.

COSTRA, a 44 minute recording of 5 recent performances is available HERE on Bandcamp. I have a few physical copies left, but they're going kinda fast. please reach me via email if you'd like a copy.


photo: peter gannushkin
Midwestern friends, is it possible that I will be in your backyard, playing the freedom music? Are you ready for a revolution? GREAT!


July 10 Detroit, MI @ Trinosophes
July 11 Portsmouth, OH @ Somacc
July 12 Cleveland, OH@ Guide To Kulchur
July 13 Bowling Green, OH @ Grounds for Thought
July 14 Cincinnati, OH @ The Comet
July 17 Chicago, IL @ Elastic Arts
July 18 Chicago, IL @ TriTriangle performing with Lindsey French's installation Displaced Forest

I will be selling some  new, limited edition, handmade records of all new material. In addition, I will be selling some cymbals that I have made over the last couple years, and some effects that no longer suit my needs. Please come out and enjoy the revolt. 


Fred Lonberg-Holm self released a Lightbox Orchestra record, this time featuring 9 Chicago drummers. I am honored to be on this record along side Michael Zerang, Mikel P Avery, Tim Daisy, Glenn Kotche, Ståle Liavik, John Niekrasz, Marc Riordan, and Charles Rumback with Fred Lonberg-Holm conducting.

Back in 2001, I was accepted to the Manhattan School of Music to finish my masters in performance and composition. I got a hefty scholarship, and was excited to go to NYC, the center of the musical universe. The summer before moving to NYC, I decided to visit my dad in Chicago for a few months. One Wednesday night at The Empty Bottle, I saw cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm and Michael Zerang performing with some low brass dude from Europe (I became so fixated on Fred and Michael that I could never recall who was playing with them).

That night changed my life profoundly. I heard everything I was interested in-- punk, new classical, jazz, drone, pointilism... played with such mastery and mystery. Rosin was puffing off Fred's cello strings, vibrators were coaxing ghosts from Michael's snare drum. Dense rhythmic washes carried me off into a new mindset. "SHIT. It's OK to make this kind of music?"

They made so much music that night. I made the decision to stay in Chicago and learn about improvisation, bailing on my scholarship and the promise of NYC's wonderful scene. I needed to learn about improv on the bandstand, over drinks, at record stores. Over the years, Fred and Michael have taught me a lot about improvisation, art, performance, professionalism, touring chops...They're true masters and giving mentors. Fred in particular, has given me lots of opportunities to play great music. Thanks, FLH, for helping me find my musical universe in Chicago.


 More exciting news to share! The Ratchet Series, a creative music concert series that I curate with Anton Hatwich and Nick Mazzarella, has found a new home! We will be presenting concerts again starting June 2 at The Charleston beginning at 9pm The series will happen on the first Monday of each month where we will feature some of the best creative music in Chicago in a beautiful, acoustically sound venue. Our first concert will feature a rare performance by Sabertooth, one of the finest Jazz outfits who have been working as a band for almost 25 years. Also, to help celebrate the first show, DJ Peter Margasak will be spinning records before, between and after the Sabertooth sets! Please visit The Ratchet Series' new website to learn more!

Read a post about the return of The Ratchet Series by The Chicago Reader HERE.

I am also happy to announce I will be embarking on a solo drumming tour this summer from July 9th-14th around the Midwest, including Michigan, Ohio and naturally, Illinois. I have been working super hard on new ideas using electronics as well as acoustic material. There will be a limited edition CD (maybe a super limited edition lathed LP?) available for this tour only, as well as some art pieces and instruments i've made that will be on sale for the tour. I almost have this thing booked!

July 9 Ann Arbor, MI (pending location)
July 10 Detroit, MI @ Trinosophes
July11 Portsmouth, OH @ Somacc
July 12 Cleveland, OH Guide To Kulchur
July 13 Bowling Green, OH @ Grounds for Thought
July 14 Cincinnati, OH @ The Comet
July 17 Chicago, IL @ Elastic Arts
July 26 Chicago, IL @ City Winery - Thirsty Ear Festival


I'm excited to give y'all an update on a number of things on my plate. This spring has been a dizzying one, to be sure. I have never recorded so much in such a short time in my life. Check it:

- Bobby Bradford/Frode Gjerstad/Ingebrigt Haker Flaten/FR
- Tony Malaby, Jason Roebke and I recorded a studio thing and a live performance at Constellation in Chicago.
- Health&Beauty spent several days in the studio with engineer wizard-at-work Theo Karon. It's going to be the best sounding record I've been on. Psyched.
-  My 11 piece Puerto Rican Bomba/Plena group, ¡Todos De Pie!, recorded at Electrical Audio a few years back but it has taken til just recently to finish mixing the thing! Thanks to Matthew Lux for his incredible, sublte insight as a producer. He's not only one of the best musicians I know, but his taste is beyond refined.
- Gifted singer/songwriter Steve Dawson wrote a bunch of killer tunes for his group, Funeral Bonzai Wedding (with Jason Adasiewicz, Jason Roebke and myself) and we recently finished recording the bulk of the material at Kingsize in Chicago, with John Abbey at the helm. Great room, great tunes. I'm so excited about what the final product is going to sound like. 
- A relatively new band, Loris, featuring James Davis, Tim Stine, Jeff Greene and myself recorded a series of concerts at the Uncanned Music Series at Bar Deville. We're sifting through the material now. electro-acoustic freak out!
- Pandelis Karayorgis visited Chicago recently where he reconvened his group with Keefe Jackson, Dave Rempis, Nathan McBride and myself to try out some new music freshly written for the band. We recorded our show at Constellation. He's an amazing composer- I hope this stuff sees the light!
- The Nick Mazzarella Trio (with Anton Hatwich and myself) recorded a live show at Constellation where we stretched on newish material. The concert was super alive and refreshingly broad in scope.
- Shitty Sons, a duo with Tim Haldeman, got a rare chance to spend some time in the studio. Because he lives in Ann Arbor, we don't get to bro down like we'd like. We're hoping to record even more material so we can drop that 6 LP boxset on the public. We'll probably narrow it down to one.
- Swiss reedist Christoph Erb was in the U.S., and though he was busy with a tour and other gigs, he was able to make time to record at ESS with pianist/ARP 2600 master Jim Baker and myself.
- Starting next week I'll be collaborating with star man Ryley Walker in the studio along side Health&Beauty compatriots Brian Sulpizio and Ben Boye, as well as Mr. Anton Hatwich.

There have been several new releases that have been released this winter and spring, including Dave McDonnell's The Dragon and the Griffin, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten's The Young Mothers, Iñigo Ugarteburu's For the Unknown, Jason Roebke's Combination, and a compilation Working Hard To Make Your Life Easier!


photo: Renee Melton
photo: renee melton
Good spring to you. I started a mailing list as a way to organize and clean up my communication act. Sign up right there, just to the right of this post. You will become an INSIDER to my innermost thoughts (...) as well as upcoming performances, new releases, and, get this, GIVEAWAYS of musical booty, hand made limited edition cassettes and CD-Rs. I PROMISE I won't blast you about everything happening in my life. Just a few emails per year about extraordinary events and releases.


In other news... The Ratcheteens (Myself, Nick Mazzarella and Anton Hatwich) are disappointed to announce that The Skylark will  be shutting down the creative music series, The Ratchet Series, after 6 and a half years of dedicated eggshell-walkin'. In short, a few noise complaints did the trick. Though it was never the ideal place to present challenging music, it was home to many musicians who fit in-between scenes, and home to many fans of weird music. The Ratchet Series had a special place in the Chicago music continuum, and we served a community with very few creative music opportunities with pride, for free, and without hesitation (we only cancelled 2 mondays in 6 years.)

Rich Corpolongo taught us that the 'classic tune repertoire' can be approached with the same kind of freedom as a free improvisation set. Eli Namay taught us that you don't have to be in your late 30's 40's or 50's to have a thoughtful, mature, personal approach/concept. Bill MacKay showed us consistency in quality of performance is achievable - night after night. Cameron Pfiffner taught all of us about magic, (real fucking magic!) in music - both when he played and when he listened. Avreeayl Ra taught us about playing music like every night is your last. I could list for hours examples of the heavy scene we ratcheteens were fortunate to take part.

Please come out and support the last few performances we have coming up:
3/17 Ted Sirota Trio
3/24 Nick Broste Quartet
3/31 Rich Halley Trio

Also, be aware that the Ratchet Series will still continue our HOUSE CONCERT SERIES. Our next one will feature one of my favorite, uncategorizable musicians: TONY MALABY performing solo on Saturday, April 5th. (He'll be in Chicago April 1st-6th performing and recording with Jason Roebke and myself, too)


I am very much looking forward to an amazing weekend hosted by the Hyde Park Jazz Festival on Chicago's South Side. The programming is more adventurous compared to previous years, due in part to Kate Dumbleton's thoughtful understanding of Chicago's current musical landscape. The festival line-up reflects diversity in concepts, styles and approaches within the umbrella of 'jazz' music in our city.

My group Green and Gold will be playing Saturday evening at 5pm at the Logan Center Penthouse. Seating is limited, so come at 4 when the box office opens to get your free ticket! I'll also be playing with the Tomeka Reid Quartet featuring Jeff Parker and Joshua Abrams at 9:30 at the International House.

Here's what Bill Meyer from ChicagoMusic.org has to say about Green and Gold:
The band that drummer Frank Rosaly will bring to the Logan Center’s Penthouse at 5 p.m. will have no problems filling that space’s intimate confines. Green And Gold plays compositions associated with the mid-60s collaboration between Sonny Simmons and Prince Lasha. Simmons and Lasha were contemporaries of Ornette Coleman, and the music they played together was similarly steeped in bluesy lyricism and unhindered by the rule-oriented strictures of bebop. Rosaly’s quintet, which includes cellist Tomeka Reid, bassist Anton Hatwich, and reed players Cameron Pfiffner and Nick Mazzarella, reproduces the duo’s exotic reed selections and colorful arrangements, and lights a carefully modulated flame under their sinuous melodies. To attend this concert, you’ll need a ticket, which you can obtain from the Logan Center box office starting one hour before the show. Tickets are free, but you can only collect one per person. 

 And here's a preview from The Chicago Tribune's Howard Reich:
Frank Rosaly's Green and Gold: The technically lithe and stylistically imaginative drummer has pursued an unusual but promising path in Green and Gold, which addresses music of Prince Lasha and Sonny Simmons. Rosaly's collaborators are reedist Cameron Pfiffner, alto saxophonist Nick Mazzarella, cellist Tomeka Reid and bassist Anton Hatwich. 5 p.m. at Logan Center's Penthouse, 915 E. 60th St. (Ticket required and will be available at the Logan Center box office starting at 4 p.m., until tickets are gone.)

image by James Gayles


I'm off to Europe again with the Rempis Percussion Quartet! I've been looking forward to this tour:

Sept 10 - Oslo, Norway - Blowout at Cafe Mir
Sept 11 Trondheim, Norway @ Moskus
Sept 12 Inderoya, Norway @ Inderoya Jazzforum
Sept 14 St. Johan, Austria @ Musik Kultur
Sept 15 Wels, Austria @ Schl8hof
Sept 16 Vienna, Austria @ Martinschlossl
Sept 17 Warsaw, Poland @ Pardon Tu To
Sept 18 Poznan, Poland @ The Dragon Klub 


Who likes Roy Haynes? I like him.
You like Steve Lacy? I like Steve Lacy.
Cecil Taylor? Me too.

It's settled. Click the picture above which takes you to my transcription page. There's a transcription of Roy Haynes solo on Cecil Taylor's "Louise" from Steve Lacy's record, The Straight Horn of Steve Lacy.



I'm looking forward to performing at Arts Incubator in Washington Park this evening! i'll be playing solo using my electro-acoustic set-up. It's been a little bit since I've had an opportunity to play solo, so I'm psyched about the show. It's a free, all-ages show. starts at 8pm.

I have a newish set up that allows me to create with a more holistic, improvisatory approach. This performance will come purely from the moment.
I am dedicating tonight's performance to the speedy recovery of Mr. Griffin Rodriguez, a wonderful musician and sound engineer who was recently injured in a bicycle accident. To learn more about Griff and how you can help him out, please CLICK HERE. As with many musicians these days, he lacks health insurance. There is a fund where you can help contribute to his medical bills. In addition, at my performance tonight I will contribute all profits from record sales to the cause. All the best, Griff!

Also!!!! There is a benefit concert being held at Constellation featuring great local performers and Boston's Joe Morris! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE BENEFIT!


This Thursday night, August 8th, at 6:30 I will be performing with The Jeff Parker/Nels Cline
quartet - The Turning Point. We'll be rocking it at Millennium Park in Downtown Chicago as part of the Made in Chicago: World Class Jazz Series. I'm super excited to be playing with this group again after a few years apart. The band lead by guitarists Jeff Parker and Nels Cline, bassist Nate McBride and myself on drums interpreting Paul Bley's record, Turning Point, in its entirety.

Last year around this time i was asked to perform at Millennium Park with my own project, ¡Todos De Pie!, a 12-piece ensemble playing Puerto Rican Bomba and Plena tunes from the 2nd revival era in the 1960's. It is going to be super exciting to perform on that stage again, but without all the stress of being the bandleader.



I've posted a transcription of Art Taylor's drum solo from The Paul Chambers from July 14th, 1957 on my transcription page. Please check it out if you like that sort of thing.