starting in june, i begin a month-long residency at chicago's own the whistler with a new group of my own design, bootstrap, featuring mars williams on reeds, jim baker on whirlitzer, nathan mcbride on bass. we'll perform mostly all new music every tuesday night starting at 10pm.

i have been wanting to play with this particular group of musicians together for some time, and when jordan martins asked me to be the summer resident for the relax attack jazz series, i jumped on the chance to put it together. jim and mars have played together for years. they have a rich connection that allows a real chicago-style freedom that i don't hear around town otherwise. mr. mcbride is one of my favorite bass players who is as into jazz as he is into punk. he plays the bass like a drummer, pushes the music in surprising directions... and keeps this drummer in line.

here's a blurb from the series website about this upcoming residency:

The Whistler’s Relax Attack Jazz Series is pleased to announce a month-long residency featuring Bootstrap, a new group led by drummer Frank Rosaly.  Every Tuesday night in June, Rosaly will be joined by Mars Williams (sax), Jim Baker (piano, synthesizer) and Nate McBride (bass), playing material based on anthems and music of rebellion, from Andres Jimenez to Max Roach.  Rosaly describes the inception of the project as an attempt to connect improvisational strategies of the Chicago avant scene with melodies and rhythms abstracted from Puerto Rican traditions:

“Over the last several years, i have been studying bomba and plena music of puerto rico as a means to further connect with my heritage. after the conception of another group of mine which focuses on integrating my experiences as an improvising experimental musician with the traditions of bomba, plena, jibaro and seis called ¡todos de pie! (everybody stand up!), i had compiled a lot of transcribed music from the island. Bootstrap is a smaller group, and that will allow us to explore some of these melodies, rhythms and song forms (which i have abstracted) in a free-jazz informed setting. Using these melodies/anthems as springboards for improvisations, these anthems also help regroup for the next improvisation.  Though much of the tunes are original compositions, the themes and anthems act as connective tissue throughout a set."