from ESS:

This morning, Frank Rosaly received word from the police that they had recovered his car (mostly) intact. All of his gear remains in the trunk, unharmed.

Tonight's event will go on as planned, now as a celebration of the amazing community spirit you all have shown this week; after he fixes his car, Frank will donate all remaining proceeds to presenting organizations in Chicago who h

ave supported his work throughout the years.

You should have received an email outlining your options regarding how we handle your donations. We are, of course, happy to refund your money in light of the good news! If you want your money to go back to the Chicago creative music community, you needn't take any action at this time.

Please email info@experimentalsoundstudio.org if you have any questions or concerns not addressed here.

Thank you all for your generosity! It has been truly moving to behold.

here's a brief mention by Neil Tesser:

Yesterday I told you about tonight’s hastily (but efficiently) arranged benefit concert to raise money for Chicago drummer Frank Rosaly, whose car – containing a small trove of vintage cymbals, other drum gear, a microphone, and other valuable items – was stolen from in front of his house a week ago.
This morning, the Chicago Police Department called to tell Rosaly they had found his car, in pretty good shape, but most important, with all of his gear present and accounted for in the car’s trunk.
I think we can safely assume that nobody saw this one coming.
Anyone who has dealt with property crimes knows that (a) they don’t hold the highest priority for law enforcement organizations and (b) the chances of this sort of recovery are fairly remote.
Tonight’s concert will go on as scheduled, at 8:30 PM, with a host of Chicago’s new-music elite performing with Rosaly at the Experimental Sound Studio (5925 N. Ravenswood), including Ken Vandermark, Mars Williams, Jim Baker, Josh Berman, James Falzone, Jeff Kimmel, and Jason Stein.
But the concert’s organizers have repurposed it as “a celebration of the community spirit” that became evident after news of the theft was announced. Rosaly will accept the funds needed to repair his car, and donate the rest to non-profit presenters around the city who have showcased his work over the years.

more on this matter very very soon...