whelp. my car got stolen. that sucks. gear in the trunk.that sucks ever more.

since this happened last friday, i feel like all of chicago is giving me a giant hug.

it was 3 am when i came home from practicing and i convinced myself it would be OK to leave my gear in the trunk, out of site. who'd steal a dented up '98 civic? somebody did. i mentioned this to a few people, did the police report, yadda yadda. but when i posted something on facebook about it, i'm not sure what happened. it became a thing. a real thing. friends, family, dare i say fans, and general supporters of the creative music scene came running.

4 days ago, adam vida, studio manager and events coordinator for the experimental sound studio (adam is an amazing musician, as well), reached me about doing a benefit to help recoup the costs of lost cymbals, drumsticks, etc. once the folks at ESS took over, it turned into a whole new bag. click on this link for more details. it's all happening friday, august 3 at 8:30, is the date. it's happening at ESS - 5925 N Ravenswood, Chicago, IL 60660.

looks like i will be playing some music with some of my favorite people:
ken vandermark, mars williams, jeff kimmel, jim baker, jason stein, james falzone, josh berman, joshua abrams, jason roebke and matthew hale clark. it's going to be a blast! all proceeds for wine and beer will go to my sorry ass! also, the richard h. driehaus foundation has generously donated $1000 to match the first $1000 donated. no, i can't believe it, either.

check out all the love and support from:
peter margasak of the chicago reader
neil tesser of the examiner
gossip wolf of the chicago reader

as a small gesture, i am cranking out some limited edition cd-rs of a solo concert i did on my birthday at ESS in 2010 that will be available at the benefit!

i am overwhelmed. thanks to everyone taking part, particularly all the folks at ess and the musicians! you are saving my butt.

long live chicago music!