I am on a short Texas tour with the Rempis Percussion Quartet at the moment, enjoying the heat of Austin, and reeling from an exceptional music we heard  by Jaap Blonk who performed solo in Austin the night we arrived. An earache almost kept me from seeing the show, but I'm glad I ponied up and got out for his exceptional set.

The Rempis Percussion Quartet is performing tonight in Denton, TX along with Unconscious Collective at Rubber Gloves tonight. Thanks to Stefan, Aaron and Dennis Gonzalez for making this happen!

Here's the listing of shows we'll be doing:

June 2 @ Rubber Gloves in Denton, TX
June 3 @ the Owl in Austin, TX (performing in mixed groupings with local musicians)
June 4 @ Brentwood Elementary in Austin, TX
June 5 @ Victory Grill in Austin, TX
The whole reason we're on tour is to promote the release of the brand new record, Phalanx on Aerophonic Records officially out on June 11th!

Big ups to Pedro at Epistrophy Arts, Chris Cogburn, Andrea and Stephan for making this Texas dream a reality!