I am very much looking forward to an amazing weekend hosted by the Hyde Park Jazz Festival on Chicago's South Side. The programming is more adventurous compared to previous years, due in part to Kate Dumbleton's thoughtful understanding of Chicago's current musical landscape. The festival line-up reflects diversity in concepts, styles and approaches within the umbrella of 'jazz' music in our city.

My group Green and Gold will be playing Saturday evening at 5pm at the Logan Center Penthouse. Seating is limited, so come at 4 when the box office opens to get your free ticket! I'll also be playing with the Tomeka Reid Quartet featuring Jeff Parker and Joshua Abrams at 9:30 at the International House.

Here's what Bill Meyer from ChicagoMusic.org has to say about Green and Gold:
The band that drummer Frank Rosaly will bring to the Logan Center’s Penthouse at 5 p.m. will have no problems filling that space’s intimate confines. Green And Gold plays compositions associated with the mid-60s collaboration between Sonny Simmons and Prince Lasha. Simmons and Lasha were contemporaries of Ornette Coleman, and the music they played together was similarly steeped in bluesy lyricism and unhindered by the rule-oriented strictures of bebop. Rosaly’s quintet, which includes cellist Tomeka Reid, bassist Anton Hatwich, and reed players Cameron Pfiffner and Nick Mazzarella, reproduces the duo’s exotic reed selections and colorful arrangements, and lights a carefully modulated flame under their sinuous melodies. To attend this concert, you’ll need a ticket, which you can obtain from the Logan Center box office starting one hour before the show. Tickets are free, but you can only collect one per person. 

 And here's a preview from The Chicago Tribune's Howard Reich:
Frank Rosaly's Green and Gold: The technically lithe and stylistically imaginative drummer has pursued an unusual but promising path in Green and Gold, which addresses music of Prince Lasha and Sonny Simmons. Rosaly's collaborators are reedist Cameron Pfiffner, alto saxophonist Nick Mazzarella, cellist Tomeka Reid and bassist Anton Hatwich. 5 p.m. at Logan Center's Penthouse, 915 E. 60th St. (Ticket required and will be available at the Logan Center box office starting at 4 p.m., until tickets are gone.)

image by James Gayles