photo: Renee Melton
photo: renee melton
Good spring to you. I started a mailing list as a way to organize and clean up my communication act. Sign up right there, just to the right of this post. You will become an INSIDER to my innermost thoughts (...) as well as upcoming performances, new releases, and, get this, GIVEAWAYS of musical booty, hand made limited edition cassettes and CD-Rs. I PROMISE I won't blast you about everything happening in my life. Just a few emails per year about extraordinary events and releases.


In other news... The Ratcheteens (Myself, Nick Mazzarella and Anton Hatwich) are disappointed to announce that The Skylark will  be shutting down the creative music series, The Ratchet Series, after 6 and a half years of dedicated eggshell-walkin'. In short, a few noise complaints did the trick. Though it was never the ideal place to present challenging music, it was home to many musicians who fit in-between scenes, and home to many fans of weird music. The Ratchet Series had a special place in the Chicago music continuum, and we served a community with very few creative music opportunities with pride, for free, and without hesitation (we only cancelled 2 mondays in 6 years.)

Rich Corpolongo taught us that the 'classic tune repertoire' can be approached with the same kind of freedom as a free improvisation set. Eli Namay taught us that you don't have to be in your late 30's 40's or 50's to have a thoughtful, mature, personal approach/concept. Bill MacKay showed us consistency in quality of performance is achievable - night after night. Cameron Pfiffner taught all of us about magic, (real fucking magic!) in music - both when he played and when he listened. Avreeayl Ra taught us about playing music like every night is your last. I could list for hours examples of the heavy scene we ratcheteens were fortunate to take part.

Please come out and support the last few performances we have coming up:
3/17 Ted Sirota Trio
3/24 Nick Broste Quartet
3/31 Rich Halley Trio

Also, be aware that the Ratchet Series will still continue our HOUSE CONCERT SERIES. Our next one will feature one of my favorite, uncategorizable musicians: TONY MALABY performing solo on Saturday, April 5th. (He'll be in Chicago April 1st-6th performing and recording with Jason Roebke and myself, too)