I'm beginning a new european adventure starting this week, starting with a performance in Amsterdam at Café DE RUIMTE on Monday, March 16th at 9pm. I'll be improvising alongside Ab Baars, Koen Kaptijn, Jasper Stadhouders and Aaron Lumley. The excellent Nate Wooley will be playing a solo amplified trumpet set as well! 
Next, I'll be headed to Norway to play with The Young Mothers, which includes Jason Jackson, Jawwaad Taylor, Johnathan Horne, Stefan Gonzalez, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten and myself.

3/19 Arendal
3/20 Oslo
3/21 Oppdal
3/22 Oppdal
3/24 Hemnes
3/25 Bodø
3/26 Trondeheim
3/27 Vos
3/28 ?

After I return to Chicago, I immediately begin work with Turkish Artist Deniz Gul at the Hyde Park Art Center. Katherine Young, Carol Genetti, Audrey Chen, Ryan Packard and I will be realizing Deniz' work, 5 Person Buffet for a performance on April 6th. We will also be recording the piece at ESS the day prior to the performance.

Immediately after Deniz' piece, I will be headed to Europe once again to perform a number of shows with Joshua Abrams' Natural Information Society from April 9 - 26th. Dates and Cities to be announced soon!

In other news, my band ¡Todos De Pie! is going to be performing at The Owl 3 nights in a row from May 29th-31st with a slightly smaller configuration. More on Todos 2.0 real real soon.