I'm Super excited to announce my summer SOLO TOUR in the U.S. and Canada starting AUGUST 25 in support of my new solo CD MALO on UTECH RECORDS!
Tues Aug 25 Ann Arbor, MI @ Kerrytown Concert House 8pm
FR solo + Michalowski/Alwin Duo + Tim Haldeman/Rosaly Duo "SHITTY SONS"
FR solo + Steve Baczkowski solo + FR/SB Duo
FR solo opening for Vandermark/Nillsen-Love Duo

Chicago-based drummer Frank Rosaly’s solo effort MALO explores the process of free-improvisation with both acoustic and electronically manipulated percussion. Frank has developed a personal and often visceral approach to drumming, whereby gesture is a primary element to the creation of sound. Deliberate motion that may or may not produce sounds often leads to surprising, exiting and raw discoveries, both for the listener and for the performer. Though a large component of the music is created through improvisation, the music is constructed using many compositional concepts such as the Song Form, Minimalist techniques (ala La Monte Young, Steve Reich, Terry Riley), and 'additive' or layering process often heard in modern electronic music. Rosaly also draws inspiration from the likes of percussionists Milford Graves, Paul Lovens and Billy Higgins.
Using contact microphones, oscillators, effects pedals and analog synthesizers along side an acoustic drum set up, Rosaly navigates a wide sonic palette: Afro-Cuban, Jazz and non-idiomatic grooves using unconventional techniques, dense Free-Jazz vocabulary, heavy drones and feedback, as well as soft, subtle percussive language that evokes a varied and large range of color.