Roy Haynes. "Louise", by Cecil Taylor, from The Straight Horn of Steve Lacy (Candid 1961). 
Top of his game. Interesting rhythms. Check it:

here's art taylor taking a ride on paul chamber's version of chasin' the bird from june 14th, 1957. note those beautiful, classic lines and juxtaposition of ideas:

here's a philly joe jones solo transcription from elmo hope's fantastic 1963 recording sounds from rikers island on his tune "one for joe":

here's an elvin jones solo from paul chambers' 1957 recording 'beauteous' (blue note 54221)

jack dejohnette solo transcription from jackie mclean's "climax"

frank butler solo transcription from seven steps to heaven:

 jimmy cobb solo transcription from wayne shorter's "harry's last stand":

phil seamen solo transcription from joe harriot's "tonal":

tony williams transcription of breaks (in head) from 7 steps to heaven (REH. TAKE)

tony williams solo transcription from 7 steps to heaven (REH. TAKE) 

tony williams solo transcription from seven steps heaven (TAKE 3) - This is the most famous version:

brian blade solo trascription - intro to "the source" by chris potter.
*note: the and of beat 1 of m. 1 should include a snare w/ the open hi hat.*